Studio Vitalité offers a range of classes, suitable for all skill levels, in Pilates, Yoga and Aerial dance. If you have any questions regarding the classes or private lessons please contact Noelle.

Group Classes

(Max 6 people)

Adult Group classes starting

*September 1, 2021*


Thursday-09h30 (intro/beginner)


Thursday -19h00 (All levels)

Aerial Dance (Hammock, Silks and Lyra)

Tuesday – 9h30 (Intermediate)

Wednesday - 15h00 (Teens 13+)

Friday – 9h30 (Intermediate)

Friday-15h00 (Intro)

Sunday-10h00-11h00 (Kids mix)

Adult Aerial Workshop

An exciting 2 day discovery workshop focusing on silks and hammock basics, dance and Pilates conditioning! Lunch included! Pre-registration and payment required.

Hours 9h30-16h00

5 person maximum

*Contact Noelle for current schedules and to register. Courses are subject to change. Additional days/times available.


Group Classes (monthly rate)

60€ - per person/1 class per week

100€ - per person/2 classes per week

120€ - per person/3 classes per week

+ Clients must pre-enroll and reserve each class.

+ Please bring your own mat due to sanitary guidelines.

+ Please follow all studio rules at all times.

Private Lessons

A Great Way To Develop Core Skills

Group classes can be incredibly effective to help core fitness and well being, while providing a fun and supportive space in which to improve.


However, if you desire a program tailored to your specific needs, private sessions are recommended. From beginners who simply need a confidence boost before joining a group, to athletes looking for cross-training benefits or for those dealing with injuries and illnesses, Noelle’s focus and expertise will help you identify and achieve your personal goals.  

Whatever your motivation, call Noelle now to find out how a dedicated session will help you.



Private Lessons

30€ - person/hour/one session
75€ - person/hour/three sessions

Duet Lessons

25€/person/hour/one session

60€/perons/hour/three sessions

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